We are the perfect fit for:

  • Owners of commercial properties
  • Owners of retail real estate (shopping spaces)
  • Commercial property service providers
  • Property managers
  • Property management companies
  • Property developers for the management of warranty issues

We stand out thanks to:

  • All information and all parties are in sync
  • All-in-one solution and central hub for property managers
  • Always and easily accessible information on-the-go
  • Task management and regular maintenance works
  • Simple generation of lease and utility invoices
  • Data-analysis and reporting options


Task Management

  • Simple management and oversight of everyday tasks all in one place
  • Monitoring of the work performance in real time
  • Automatic generation of tasks based on the received e-mails
  • Manual entry of tasks both by the property manager and the client
  • Designation of the client, the responsible party, the contractor the deadline, etc. and adding annexes
  • Entry and monitoring of regular maintenance works
  • Direct communication with contractors (who do not need to have their own account) via Hausing
  • Analytics and archive for every task

Property Register

  • All information about the portfolio (properties, spaces, units, devices, meters, etc.) structured in one place
  • Detailed overview of all properties and everything related to them (invoices, files, contracts, devices, meters etc.)
  • Description of specific nature and circumstances for each property
  • Automatic information flow from public databases
  • Analytics for the entire portfolio and each property (vacancy rate, utility usage, income, etc.)
  • Archive

Contract Management

  • All management, lease and service contracts in one place
  • All contract terms and conditions, deadlines and details along with contract documents in one place
  • Automatic issuing of reminders (amendments, termination, etc.) to related parties
  • Monitoring of contract history and amendments
  • Automatic indexing

Rental invoicing

  • Automatic generation of rental invoices with just two clicks
  • Automatic forwarding of invoices to both the clients and preferred accounting software
  • All preferences and circumstances (e.g. the change of a lessee) are taken into account
  • Reminders about unpaid invoices
  • Rental invoice analysis
  • Analytics and reports

Utility cost distribution

  • Automatic distribution of utility costs based on the invoices and details of the property
  • Comprehensive distribution of costs in accordance with the specific nature of a property
  • Cost distribution between all spaces involved and generation of own cost where necessary
  • All preferences and circumstances (e.g. the change of a lessee) are taken into account
  • Automatic forwarding of invoices to both the clients and preferred accounting software

Document cloud

  • All files related to portfolio (properties, units, lessees, tasks, customers etc.) stored in one single place securely in our cloud
  • Desktop and list view of all files and folders
  • Different permissions and rights for different users
  • File filtering based on preference

Formal deeds

  • Documentation of performed and finished tasks and/or works
  • Overview of the costs of finished works and the activities involved
  • Immediate approval directly within Hausing for all performed works
  • Automatic generation of invoices for all approved works


  • All contacts (renters, clients, partners, contractors, etc.) stored in one place
  • Preference customization for each customer (invoice contact details, special agreements and needs, duration, etc.)
  • Archive

Notices & Communicaton

  • Communication with all preferred parties in one place
  • Issuing of both regular and special notices to different parties (renters, partners, etc.)
  • Creation of specific interest groups, who to send messages to
  • Option to respond either through Hausing or by e-mail



Integrations help save companies time. Hausing can transfer information automatically without requiring any additional work via the programs already used our customers (such as accounting and/or the CRM solutions). 

We currently have integrations with the following programs: 


The integration with Standard Books business software enables rental and utility invoices to be sent from Hausing to Standard Books with just a couple of clicks.

The integration with Infobip allows user to send text messages via Hausing directly to the client (or another party). It is safe, secure, reliable and always available. 

The integration with Fitek helps to manage sale and purchase invoices. 

We are constantly working to add new integrations for your convenience.

Do we lack an interface you need? Just send us an e-mail, and together, we will quickly find the solution.