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Use case - Tulevara

Read, how Tulevara decided to use property management software for better management of their real estate portfolio.
About six months ago we signed a new customer - Tulevara OÜ, who is a leading innovative commercial real estate solutions provider operating in Estonia. Their goal is to create a "home" for each company, because a functional rental premise should contribute to the business activities of both parties and help accommodate the face and needs of the tenant, not just the lessor. They have a growing portfolio of over 60,000 SQM across Estonia.

The challenge

Tulevara sought a comprehensive platform to handle everything from urgent repairs to routine maintenance and to efficiently oversee contracts and billing. "We are increasingly looking towards ways we can use specialised software to make our processes more efficient. Property management has additional depth to it, so a specific platform for this use case was the best option for us," said Markus Jugala, Tulevara's board member. 


As a resolution, Hausing was the best option, with the most use cases needed, which didn't need no extra developement.

Hausing has enhanced the process management, allowing to shift administrative tasks to a ticketing system. Also they are actively using:
  • Building and managing utility billing systems,
  • Maintenance ticketing system,
  • Scheduling periodic maintenance.
Our next step is to finalize developing a solution for remote meter readings to connect with Hausing. 

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