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5 tenant management tips to build stronger relationships for long-term success

In the dynamic scene of property management, just collecting rent is not always the road to success. It’s important to be proactive with your tenants to create mutual trust and respect. Open relationships ensure better communication, which is beneficial for both sides.  

Negative experiences with tenants can damage the property’s reputation, making it more challenging to attract future new renters. If a tenant is leaving suddenly, it creates a vacancy that can lead to a loss of rental income until a replacement is found.

Here are some pointers for building better relationships with your tenants

1. Effective communication

Clear and open communication between landlords, property managers and tenants is important to keep everyone in the loop. Think of ways you can regularly keep in touch with your tenants. For example, it could be a brief monthly newsletter or regular check-ups. Implement digital ways, to keep in touch with all the tenants in one place.

2. Prompt issue resolution

There is nothing more frustrating, than slow solutions to burning problems. If tenant sends you a problem, answer them promptly, even if you don’t know yet when the problem will be solved.

Ensure that the tenant knows you have gotten their problem and are working on it. Taking the issues seriously enhances tenant satisfaction and loyalty. Use a task management system, that sends automatic updates on deadlines and gives tenant the opportunity to oversee the process.

3. Fair and transparent policies

Keep in mind the importance of fair and transparent policies regarding:

  • Rent,
  • indexations,
  • lease terms,
  • property rules,
  • utilities sharing. 
Treating everyone equally ensures tenant, that they get what they pay for.

4. Seeking feedback, input, and continuous improvement

Try to seek feedback and input from tenants on their experiences and suggestions for improvement. But not only just seek it, but take things into consideration and make the changes happen. 

Constructive feedback is valuable to your business decision-making processes. What may seem important to you, may not be important to your tenants.

5. How can a property management software improve tenant-landlord relationships?  

  • In Hausing, you can set up an email for maintenance issues. Your tenant needs to send their issue to that email, and it reaches Hausing automatically. This way problems don’t get lost in your mailbox. 

    Through there you can send this task straight to people who need to complete it, which enhances the tenant management and whole process speed. And meanwhile, tenant can oversee this process.

  • You can set up fair utilities sharing with our tools. Also, you can share everything according to square meters, meter readings, all equally etc. You can divide costs according to the time tenant has really rented the place.

    For example, when they start renting in the middle of the month, they pay for half a month. Furthermore, other tenant’s costs do not have to increase because of that.  

  • You can set up automatic indexations and reminders to tenants, so rent increases don’t come as a surprise.

By focusing on these aspects beyond rent collection, property managers can develop stronger relationships with tenants. Effective communication, quick problem solving, and equal treatment leads to greater satisfaction, longer leases, and ultimately, long-term success in property and tenant management.  

To build a stronger relationship with your tenants, try out a property management software or learn more about Hausing here.

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