Effective property management

How to decrease real estate maintenance costs?

Your property managing costs are inevitable. Proper maintenance is an investment into real estate’s future value. 

Well maintained devices last longer, therefore no need for repairs and replacements so frequently. Planning your budget can help you with unexpected expenses and helps you to determine the fair maintenance cost you can ask your tenants. Operative communication helps to prevent situations, where small problems can grow into huge expensive problems.

Preventative maintenance

Take care of your buildings and devices regularly. Check-ups with fixed intervals help to see the emerging problems early on. Changing some small detail can be far cheaper, than replacing the whole device.  

In Hausing, you can conveniently add devices to each of your building and determine their regular maintenance intervals and the person who takes care of it. Hausing makes a preventative maintenance calendar and sends out notifications to all the parties, so no one forgets the check-ups.


Sort out tenant’s problems quickly and communicate with them

The faster you get info about the fixes needed, the less damages it does to your building. For example, a broken tap can increase the water usage immensely. Communicate with your tenants regularly to know what is going on in your property.  

In Hausing, you can send maintenance tasks to reliable contractor with just a few clicks. You can see how much time it has taken, to fix the problem, ask specifying questions, chat with the tenant and a lot more.  


Find reliable contractors

If you use external contractors for solving different maintenance issues, keep their contact information in one place. So when needed, you can find it quickly and can use only those people you can trust. If you should find new contact with every problem, then it’s time consuming and you can end up with someone, who is not doing their job in high quality, which can cause additional expenses. 

In Hausing, you can keep contractors and tenants contacts in one place, to contact them easily.


Plan your expenses

Make a maintenance budget for your property. Determine all the regular expenses and plan some for unforeseen expenses. Thorough planning helps to scatter big spendings and gives the assurance, that whatever happens, you are well-prepared. Planning helps to ask the tenants fair maintenance fee. Budget helps to figure out, if the maintenance costs are covered and how much of it is owner’s expense.


Find cost-efficient solutions

Invest in energy efficient devices and solutions. For example, an old heating device can consume much more energy, than a new one. This expensive new device can be useful in the long haul. Check the maintenance contracts agreements and utilities prices. For example, maybe you have chosen electricity solution, that has become expensive and needs to be changed.


Safety first!

Keep an eye on your keys, door cards/codes and so on. Make sure, that when tenant is leaving, you get back all their access cards and deactivate them. All for not letting unwanted guests in your rooms, who can do financial damage.  

In Hausing, you can mark in every lease contract, how many keys you have given out or what other assets are in their use.

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